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As one of the expert therapists in Connecticut Mr. Taeb has worked with children and adults ranging from anorexia, depression, anxiety, overeating and
especially relationship issues. This therapy is about the relationships you have with yourself first which then can translate to your family, your spouse or
your co-workers. These relationships can then contribute to you overeat, being depressed, anxious and have arguments with your spouse and loved ones.
Whether these relationships are under stress or you just want to keep them strong, we are here to provide support and guidance.   

How can Oliver help my relationship?
We believe using only one model of therapy would not be beneficial to all patients. This is why Mr. Taeb uses hypnosis along with traditional psychotherapy. Do you know the difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis? Anyone can claim he or she is a hypnotist. Only true educated therapists can claim they are hypnotherapists.

Do you work with gay couples?
Mr. Taeb has written many articles on same sex couples' therapy and is one of the proponents of equal rights for all.
He believes people have the right to live fully functioning and emotionally healthy relationships regardless of their sexual orientation.

Our relationship is not in danger however we like to strengthen it?
We do not recommend receiving marital or couples counseling only when your relationship is in danger.
We recommend all couples gay or straight should consult a marital and couple's therapist at least once a month to keep their relationship strong and tuned up.
This can help couples to learn about efficiency of their communication skills, keeping arguments constructive, avoiding impasse during arguments and
concentrating on their affection for one another. Mr. Taeb has identified ten dangers couples face that if not addressed will cause the couples to have
fights and arguments down the road. These identifying factors will only become obvious while attending a marital hypnosis session.

How many sessions do I need to attend?
The first (2) to (3) sessions are called the assessment sessions. This is where joining happens, goals are set and feedback is given. It is then
followed by (8) to (15) intervention sessions. These are the sessions that will help you rebuild your relationships with your spouse, partner, kids,
co-workers and most importantly yourself. These sessions are 50 minutes each.

You will be working with the director of Relationship Consultants of Connecticut Oliver Taeb who is an expert psychotherapist with
 a Masters Degree from Fairfield University in Connecticut and a Certified Hypnotherapist. Mr. Taeb is trained in a combination of proven therapy methods
however he concentrates on a model that uses hypnosis along with traditional therapy which could confront problematic issues between and within the couples
and individuals more efficiently. Mr. Taeb has also completed a year of advanced case consulting with the great Dr. Salvador Minuchin the founder of
Structural Family Therapy and one of the Top 10 Most Influential Therapists of the past quarter century according to the Psychotherapy Networker Magazine.

How do I start?
You can call 203-684-3184 to make an appointment
Ali O Taeb

Arrangements can also be made for in home couple's and individual therapy. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the patient.